About BookIt Nook

The Ouroboros in our logo is an ancient serpent known as the “Tail Devourer”. This serpent has been a symbol of infinite creation, life, death and renewal. In Norse mythology, the serpent is commonly known through as Jormungand, one of the three children of Loki and Angrboda. Jormungand (also known as the “World Serpent”) grew so large that it could encircle the world (Midgard). When not in battle with Thor, Jormungand protected the Tree of Life. The World Serpent was chosen to be part of BookIt Nook’s brand thanks to a love of Norse mythology and the belief that reading books is like experiencing an infinite cycle of discovery, adventure, and renewal.

Picture of Jenna with a horse

Meet Jenna

Jenna (she/her) is the founder of BookIt Nook, having been a long-time book addict since before she even knew how to read. Previously, she held the position of Children’s Buyer and Manager at Eagle Harbor Book Co. in Bainbridge Island. Before that, Jenna advertised for non-profits, anime retailers, and once even drove an ice cream truck! Kid books are her jam – and she’s willing to make a recommendation to kids of (literally) all ages, from -9 months to +100 years!

Picture of Papaya the Bookstore Snake

Meet Papaya

Papaya (she/her) is the BookIt Nook “bookstore snake” – in lieu of a bookstore cat (who would only make a mess, if you ask us…) Papaya is as much of a part of our store as the books on the shelves she keeps watch over and we love her dearly.

Be sure to attend the in-store Meet & Greet with Papaya, every Wednesday at 4:00pm & Sunday at 3:00pm!


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21800 Market Place NW
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We are conveniently located at 21800 Market Pl NW, Poulsbo, WA 98370.
(Sandwiched in the shopping center between Home Depot/Firestone and Big 5/OfficeMax.)


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